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Luxury Lust List (#3)

It’s been a while since I posted my latest luxury loves but after spending the last couple of evenings in bed with a horrible cough and sore throat (sympathy plz), I’ve been cheering myself up by planning the ol’ post-lottery-win shopping list, you know how it is!

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High Street Lust List (#4)

With the first of the sunny days starting to sneak in and the Coachella crowd currently making us all hella jealous, my online shopping baskets are full of sunshine-ready, festival-inspired pieces right now and I want to buy it ALL.

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Luxury Lust List (#2)

I had a weekend full of catching up on life admin after procrastinating for most of the past couple of weeks – we’ve started watching The Blacklist which has meant we’ve been completely unable (not even exaggerating) to do anything but keep watching episodes. Anyway, obviously during the moments on my laptop when I was supposed to be applying for holiday visas and sorting out car insurance, I was actually stalking the internet imaginary shopping, again…

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