High Street Lust List (#4)

With the first of the sunny days starting to sneak in and the Coachella crowd currently making us all hella jealous, my online shopping baskets are full of sunshine-ready, festival-inspired pieces right now and I want to buy it ALL.

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High Street Lust List (#3)

Despite the fact I’m now in NYC and am no doubt about to get a bit spend happy, I’ve still been falling in love with lots of pretty spring pieces that have suddenly hit the high street in the past couple of weeks.

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High Street Lust List (#2)

As I’ve been feeling sorry for myself this week (no chocolate and a week back in work has been tough) I’ve been imaginary shopping a lot over the past few days. There’s lots of new stuff on the high street plus some real sale bargains which I’ve been loving. Here’s some of my favourites – I won’t apologise for the total monochrome list to follow, it’s January so it’s totally allowed!

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