What’s On My Sephora Shopping List?

For those of you who don’t know, I’m off to New York in a few weeks. I know I’ve been banging on about it A LOT recently (because I’m really flippin’ excited) but it really is one of my all time favourite places and I’m so desperate to get back there! Most of the trip is being planned around two things – where to eat and where to shop – and shock horror, my number one destination (probably number 2, 3 and 4 too…) on the list for shopping is Sephora. Here are the things I’m currently lusting after, although no doubt when I’m faced with all the makeup goodies in store I’ll be changing my mind… Continue reading “What’s On My Sephora Shopping List?”


A Weekend in Paris: Part I

This post has been a long time coming but I thought it’d be a good one to save for Valentine’s week. Back in December we treated ourselves to a romantic long weekend, full of food, cocktails and picture perfect sightseeing in Paris, with a little pit stop in London first.

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Forever Favourites: The Foundation Edit

I’m as bad as all you other beauty obsessed out there and often find myself buying into pretty packaging and big blogger recommendations when it comes to makeup, especially new releases. So I thought I’d start a little series on here, something a bit different to the usual current favourite format, and let you in on my all time loves; the products I buy time and time again and always have in my makeup collection to fall back on when I give into that new big launch which turns out to be nowhere near as good as everyone is making out!

First up: foundations…

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Luxury Lust List (#2)

I had a weekend full of catching up on life admin after procrastinating for most of the past couple of weeks – we’ve started watching The Blacklist which has meant we’ve been completely unable (not even exaggerating) to do anything but keep watching episodes. Anyway, obviously during the moments on my laptop when I was supposed to be applying for holiday visas and sorting out car insurance, I was actually stalking the internet imaginary shopping, again…

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4 Gluten & Dairy Free Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the simplest ways to give yourself a boost of fruit and veggie goodness in the mornings, plus they’re yummy and easy to make in advance so what more could we ask for? My two current favourites to whip up in the Nutribullet are: Continue reading “4 Gluten & Dairy Free Breakfast Ideas”


Latest Beauty Loves (#2)

Despite the whole Christmas thing happening and the fact it’s January and I should no doubt be trying to recoup some of the excessive December spending, I’ve found a few new beauty faves recently (and fallen back in love with a  couple of things from my collection) and it’d be rude not to share, so…

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Sydney: Part III

Tuesday started with an early wake up call as we’d decided this was the day to drive out of Sydney and head to explore the Blue Mountains. If you’re in NSW, you really must try and incorporate a day trip here into your itinerary because it’s so beautiful and so completely different from the hustle and bustle of Sydney.

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High Street Lust List (#2)

As I’ve been feeling sorry for myself this week (no chocolate and a week back in work has been tough) I’ve been imaginary shopping a lot over the past few days. There’s lots of new stuff on the high street plus some real sale bargains which I’ve been loving. Here’s some of my favourites – I won’t apologise for the total monochrome list to follow, it’s January so it’s totally allowed!

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