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Luxury Lust List (#3)

It’s been a while since I posted my latest luxury loves but after spending the last couple of evenings in bed with a horrible cough and sore throat (sympathy plz), I’ve been cheering myself up by planning the ol’ post-lottery-win shopping list, you know how it is!

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High Street Lust List (#4)

With the first of the sunny days starting to sneak in and the Coachella crowd currently making us all hella jealous, my online shopping baskets are full of sunshine-ready, festival-inspired pieces right now and I want to buy it ALL.

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Luxury Lust List (#2)

I had a weekend full of catching up on life admin after procrastinating for most of the past couple of weeks – we’ve started watching The Blacklist which has meant we’ve been completely unable (not even exaggerating) to do anything but keep watching episodes. Anyway, obviously during the moments on my laptop when I was supposed to be applying for holiday visas and sorting out car insurance, I was actually stalking the internet imaginary shopping, again…

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High Street Lust List (#2)

As I’ve been feeling sorry for myself this week (no chocolate and a week back in work has been tough) I’ve been imaginary shopping a lot over the past few days. There’s lots of new stuff on the high street plus some real sale bargains which I’ve been loving. Here’s some of my favourites – I won’t apologise for the total monochrome list to follow, it’s January so it’s totally allowed!

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12 Days of Blogmas (#12)

I’m currently feeling just a little bit proud of myself for making it to today – day 12! While it may not seem like the biggest deal to post daily for 12 days straight, for me it was pretty tough. I leave the house at 7am every day and never get home before 7pm either, so finding the time can be difficult and I’m glad I stuck with it! Thanks for sticking with me while I find my feet with this. I hope you’ve all had the happiest Christmas, with lots of food, fizz and all of your favourite people!

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12 Days of Blogmas (#8)


Hannah regularly posts some of the best affordable fashion and lifestyle content. While I am pretty obsessed with all the luxury fashion blogging going down right now, I haven’t yet found that job paying £50k a month and therefore a bit of asos, Topshop and Zara inspiration is a much more realistic read for me. She nails the 20-something female voice and her writing will make you want to laugh, rethink your life AND go on a shopping spree, probably all at once.

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12 Days of Blogmas (#6)


What Olivia Did should be high on your favourites if you like fashion blogs full of impeccable photography, the cutest outfits (with plenty of affordable options) and lots of beautiful backdrops. She’s been a favourite of mine for a while and her back catalogue always helps me get through the longer days at my desk!

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