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New York – Where to Eat (#2)

Breakfasts and brunching done, plus a hell of a lot of walking no doubt, and we’re onto the more substantial feasts of the day. Whilst we normally wouldn’t plan to go out for a full on lunch and dinner every day when we’re away, when you’re in New York, it’d be rude not to, hey?! We managed to squeeze a healthy number of restaurants into a 5 day break and we’re now having to hit the gym hard to try and make up for it!

PRINCE ST PIZZA for a slice of their pepperoni pie

We’d seen these slices on Insta and knew we had to get this little place on the itinerary. We popped by on a sunny lunchtime and there was a queue out the door, so we knew this was gonna be a winner. This is proper gooey, greasy, takeout goodness (it’s not some fancy pants sit-down Italian) but for a quick grab-and-go lunch, it’s spot on.

PIETRO NOLITA for the most Instagram-friendly lunch setting

I’d read about this place online and have to admit it was the completely pink and girly interior that caught my attention rather than the menu. This little Italian is small and intimate and the menu isn’t extensive, but they have some great gluten free pasta options, great service and it was really tasty. And if you want to take some pretty pink pictures whilst you eat your lunch, well, there you go!

GANSEVOORT MARKET for a whole load of choice

This was one of our faves for lunch and we were a bit upset we only discovered it on our last day (although that’s probably a good thing otherwise we’d have insisted on going back every day)! Gansevoort had been recommended by a couple of our friends and now we know why. There’s so many yummy options here with something for everyone, plus it is a really cool, bustling setting for lunch. We grabbed a selection of tacos and loaded fries (healthy options, as ever) and enjoyed every bite.

MELT SHOP for cheese, cheese and more cheese

I really don’t have to say much about this place because it’s kind of all in the name. They serve up delicious variations of grilled cheese and they’re naughty but GOOD. It’s fast, affordable and there are a few different branches around the city to suit wherever you are. We popped in after watching the sunset from Top of the Rock and the busiest day clocking up the steps, and whilst it’s far from haute cuisine it was just what we needed. If you do manage a trip here, try their cheese tots too – life changing!


SPRINKLES for their cupcake ATM

You’ve probably seen this one all over Pinterest and it’s super close to Central Park, so it’s a good one to incorporate into any park walks you’re planning. If a cupcake isn’t a good energy boost then I don’t know what is! There’s probably way more choice inside the store (we didn’t go in, but I think they do ice-cream and all sorts too…) but the main reason we’d chosen Sprinkles over other bakeries was because of this cute little ATM machine. It works like any normal bank ATM – you choose the cake you want on the screen, pay and then you watch on the screen as your treats make their way on a conveyor belt to you. Basic, I know, but I had to do it!


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