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New York – Where To Eat (#1)

So it’s been a while since my last post and I have no excuse other than the fact I’ve been sleeping and working A LOT post-NYC. Rather than do my usual travel diary style post, I thought for my New York travels a few posts focussing on where to eat, drink and explore would be more fitting, given we totally planned the holiday around food and cocktails! First up’s my favourite breakfasts and brunch spots. If you’re heading stateside any time soon, be sure to check some of these out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

AGAVE for bottomless brunch

This Mexican eatery in the West Village (I think – I still haven’t nailed the New York neighbourhoods!) is the perfect spot for a boozy brunch. For $32 you can choose something yummy from their brunch menu, as well as enjoy unlimited Mimosas, Wine or Frozen Margaritas for 2 hours. The place itself is cool and bustling and whilst the food isn’t the fanciest you’ll ever have, it’s tasty and the portions are generous enough to keep you going for the day. The service was great – our server made sure our glasses were constantly topped up – and we ended up rather tipsy by the end!

JACK’S WIFE FREDA for a chilled-out, healthier start to the day

Have you even been to New York if you don’t take some snaps in this place? Despite the fact it’s a total Insta-cliché, I have to say it is definitely one of my favourite places I’ve visited for breakfast here. It’s laid back and cool and they have some great healthy menu options, plus their mint lemonade is really yum! Don’t worry, there are some less healthy options too – we tried the not-so-green Madame Freda and it was GOOD. Plus, why wouldn’t you want to brunch somewhere which has the cutest phrases ever on the sugar?

EGG SHOP for the best B.E.C 

This was the OH’s fave and the boy chose well. Their whole menu was fab but if you visit this little café you have to try their bacon, egg and cheese because it has to be one of the best. You can build it from scratch, choosing your own bread (they have gluten free options too which is a win!) as well as any sauces, the type of cheese and however you fancy your eggs. It’s not that dissimilar from JWF above, which probably explains why we liked both so much, and it’s a great place for a yummy relaxed brunch before you get stuck into your day.

BIG DADDY’S for the most calorific diner experience

Whilst this place might not be the swankiest you’ll ever see, it’s worth a visit if you’re after a true American diner experience. I’d promised Dom one all out, calorific, 100% unhealthy meal, which he more than deserved given I’d dragged him round so many pretty girly eateries, and Big Daddy’s ticked all the boxes. We completely over ordered, going for pancakes, cheesy tots (I’m now obsessed!), mac ‘n’ cheese AND a giant shake (the dairy intolerance got thrown out the window pretty violently this holiday if you couldn’t already tell…) but it was super tasty, satisfying and cured our hangovers from the night before perfectly.


DOUGH for super indulgent doughnuts

Last time I visited the city, I discovered Dough and I knew it needed to head back there this time around because it’s so bloody good. The Flatiron branch was only a couple of blocks away from our hotel so we grabbed breakfast here on our first day, but of course you can pop in whenever you’re craving something sweet. They serve up the most delicious doughnuts, with a great selection of yummy flavours. This time, we picked up one salted chocolate caramel and one passion fruit and both were divine. They are HUGE though so unless you’re really hungry, you can probably share one between two (or take some away with you to finish later when you need a boost for all the walking)!

As much as I could rave on about all the other yumminess we found, this post will get WAY too long if I keep banging on. Some more tasty ideas on where to lunch as well as where to eat and drink by night are on their way, I promise, but for now, if you have any other brunch spots I need on my list for next time, please let me know!




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