A Mini L’Oréal Base Haul

Last month I picked up a couple of new L’Oréal products to try and nail that flawless base before spring kicks in. During a bit of a sesh in Boots (you know how it is) I grabbed the Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette as well as the Nude Magique Cushion Foundation, which I’d read some great things about.


First up: foundation. This is the first cushion foundation that I’ve ever tried and it may just have forced a new obsession ’cause I’m a BIG fan. The packaging is lightweight, compact and there’s a decent sized mirror in the lid, making this perfect for travelling and touch-ups on the go.

It gives a natural, dewy finish with a light to medium coverage. It’s easy to apply and although it’s definitely buildable, it’s practically impossible to apply too much as you never pick up too much product. It has good lasting power, perhaps not the longest lasting formula I’ve ever used but it wears really well during the day and is simple to touch up if need be.


I find that using a damp beauty blender is the easiest way to apply, giving the most flawless finish,  making this foundation almost undetectable on the skin. It does include a small sponge in the lid which I haven’t tried however I can’t imagine this would result in anywhere near as fab a look (I really don’t know why brands bother with these)!

This is one of my favourite new base discoveries in a long while and I can’t say enough good things about it! It’s perfect for spring/summer and I’ll be picking up another in my summer shade next time I’m out shopping, plus at £14.99, it’s super affordable too.

I also picked up this concealer palette which has a selection of five shades – three to conceal and two to colour correct. Again, this is currently down to £9.99 which feels like a good price given the amount of product, however it is quite a clunky palette so I’m not sure it’s one I’d travel with or keep in my daily makeup bag, purely down to the amount of valuable space it takes up.


The two colour correcting shades are my most used. The green shade is great for cancelling out redness, so I’ve been using this mainly around my nose where I have a tendency to get a little Rudolf-esque. The purple shade is perfect for brightening dark circles so again, I’ve been using this on the regular too to make some effort to look more awake during the week.

All shades are easy to apply (using your fingers or a brush) and the formula is fairly lightweight so you can really layer these up without them looking too cakey. I do find the texture to be a little bit dry, so its not the best on dry skin and I’ve also found it can be a little harder to blend out too.

I also can only really use one of the concealer shades as the other two are too dark, which seems like a bit of a waste of money. I am thinking I’ll try and use the darkest as a cream contour to see if I can get my use out of it – I’m not sure the formula will blend easily enough for this but I’ll give it a go and find out!

Overall, I think this is a great, more budget-friendly option. I’d 100% recommend the colour correcting tones but not sure I’d ever repurchase because the concealers are not my favourite – I won’t be giving up my beloved Nars or Urban Decay options any time soon!

Have you tried either of these products? What do you think of them?



3 thoughts on “A Mini L’Oréal Base Haul”

    1. Sadly not but I REALLY want to! I’m not sure where to get hold of it in the U.K. so I might have to try and track it down when I’m in NYC next week. I don’t think Sephora stock it though which makes me too sad 😦 thanks for the recommendation!! I’ll keep trying to get my hands on it! X


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