My New York Bucket List

It’s only 3 weeks until we head to New York for a week, not that I’m counting or anything, so I thought I’d share some of the things I’m desperate to tick off my New York bucket list whilst we’re there.

1) Get a little bit tipsy with a boozy bottomless brunch. There are so many scrummy options for brunching in NYC so I want to take full advantage of a big breakfast and a few (or five) drinks, I mean, who doesn’t love unlimited Mimosas?

2) Indulge in ice cream. Last time I visited the city it was Christmas and ice cream never really crossed my mind, ’cause y’know, COLD. Even though this month won’t be much warmer I think I’ll be able to take my gloves off for long enough to eat one of NYC’s totally insta-friendly ice cream cones. Milk and Big Gay Ice Cream are currently top of my list.

3) Take in the views from a rooftop bar. Another must-do that I didn’t manage to fit in on my last visit. I’ve been up to the Rockafeller observatory and taken in New York from the sky but I feel like doing it with a cocktail in hand will make it even more special!

4) Grab a burger from Shake Shack. This needs no words.

5) Tell secrets into the whispering arches at Grand Central. My boyfriend’s parents were telling us about something similar in Bologna recently and after a quick Google, I found this little gem. I have visions of it giving me all the feels (despite the fact its maybe a little OTT soppy?!) although saying that, I’m not sure I’m excited enough to queue for ages so we’ll see…

6) Explore Brooklyn. Last time I did have a little wander around in Brooklyn but it was mainly to be able to walk back across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan. I’ve heard so many great things from friends since, raving about how great Brooklyn is and how many fab places there are to hang out in Williamsburg. I’m hoping for a full day exploring the area this time – maybe it’ll become my new favourite area too!

7) Discover some secret bars. As much as I’d love to stumble across some truly secret bars, chances are I’ll be researching to find the best (not-so-secret because they’re all over the internet) secret bars. NYC has a whole load of speakeasies and hidden watering holes and so I feel these are a must for the true New York experience. This post has given me lots of ideas – I’m hoping we can get tables at PDT and Attaboy as they both sound perfect.

8) Walk through NYC’s glass waterfall tunnel. I read about the tunnel after finding this great post on Pinterest. You can stand inside a waterfall and stay dry, say what?! I think it’s a fun little thing to try and fit in to the itinerary, plus I’m hoping it’ll make a great backdrop for some photos.

9) Pop in to Pietro NolitaThis place not only has a delicious sounding menu but the entire front facade AND interior is pink. I’m pretty desperate to tick this off the list because my childhood Barbie obsession has totally got me on this one but I am slightly nervous that as soon as he catches onto the pink theme, the boyf may veto the idea. Wish me luck!

10) Visit the 9.11 Museum. One of my friends recommended we add this to our to-do list. The events of 9.11 rocked the whole world and make up such a huge part of New York so I really want to visit the exhibition which tells the stories of the lives lost and the city’s recovery.

11) Buy as much as I can carry in Sephora. Well it is the mothership so I had to include this, right? I’m forever trawling through the Sephora website falling in love with pretty much everything on there that we can’t get our paws on in the UK and I have a shopping list as long as my arm. This trip has been a long time coming and I have absolutely no intention of holding back!

What’s on your New York bucket list? Is there anything else I should be adding to mine?



8 thoughts on “My New York Bucket List”

  1. Definitely go to PDT, it’s ace! Also go to the Dead Rabbit near Wall Street, it’s voted the best bar in the world (but beware, the drinks are super strong!). And you can tick two off your list at once by heading to Williamsburg for a drink at the rooftop bar in the Wythe Hotel 🙂 x

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    1. It looks so cool (like Ex-Directory in Liverpool) do you have to book in advance do you know? Most sites seem to say to book! Also got the Wythe on the list for drinks – I’m hoping it is just warm enough for us to sit out there and have a drink or two. Fingers crossed for no snow! X


    1. Amazing, thank you lovely! I’m jealous you live so close, how fun! Hope the weather calms down a little before we arrive, I can’t wait! Xxx

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  2. Sounds amazing! I’ve never been to NYC, but if you ever plan a trip to San Francisco you should do another post like this – I’m sure I could add on some local secrets for that city! Hope you have (or are having) a great time!

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